Garcia in the penalty area stepped on Valverda’s leg, the judge at first

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"Real" I won the next "Classic"

The battles of Madrid Real Madrid and Barcelona are undoubtedly the most vivid club confrontation of world football. Two superclubs, two different football systems, even political subtext is available – there are enough independence supporters in Catalonia, while Madrid stands for the unity of Spain. It is not surprising that this weekend online sports bets in India, Russia and other countries paid special attention to the next battle of giants.

And let the game take place at Santiago Bernabeu, many believed in the triumph of “Barca”. The performance of the Catalans in the championship is amazing – in the first 8 rounds they missed only one ball. The only draw in the first round and 7 wins in a row, Lewandovsky at the head of the list of scorers – the claims of Barcelona are very serious.

True, in the Champions League the team failed and risks not to leave the group at all, but there is also a plus. You can fully focus on the Spanish championship. But Real Madrid in the Champions League is fine, and in the national tournament, Madrids walked on the glasses on the “Bars”, even if the difference between the clogged and missed balls is worse. So the “classic” was literally in 6 points.

It began with mutual attacks. Rafina from afar checked Lunin, a dangerous blow of Vinisius blocked the defense. Soon Vinisius ran away almost from the center one on one with Ter Stegen, the German beat off, but directly into the area of ​​an eleven meter mark. Benzema was already on duty there and clearly sent the ball to the goal. 1: 0 to the delight of Madrid fans.

“Barcelona” took 10 minutes to recover and organize a massive assault. Lewandowski threw the right moment, at close range, converting into the sky. Following was a refiner, then Dembele – and both times again by.

Real Madrid ended the Catalan onslaught and at the 35th minute struck a second break in a blow. Vinisius took the ball after the unsuccessful interception of Garcia, disappeared Mendy, he rolled out the run -up Valverde and Uruguayan from the penalty line definitely struck into the far corner. 2: 0.

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The next onslaught of Barcelona before the break ended again. The first minutes of the second half “Real” began more actively and in the 52nd minute Benzem sent another ball to the gates of Ter Stegen. However, he received the pass in offsade, the referee canceled the goal and retained the intrigue in the match.

The Catalans fiercely attacked and, under the curtain of the game, Fati broke out on the flank, shot, Lewandovsky missed the ball and Ferran Torres reduced the gap. “Barca” rushed to save the match, but missed the next deadly attack of “Real”. Garcia in the penalty area stepped on Valverda’s leg, the judge at first left the struggle without attention, but Var said that this was a penalty.

Ter Stegen guessed where Rodrigo would break, but could not reach the ball. 3: 1 – a spectacular victorious point from the Madrid “Real”.

For only one game, Barcelona missed three times more goals than for the previous 8 matches of La Pin Up Casino site Liga. “Real” came out in clean first place, breaking away from the opponent by 3 points. The Royal Club remained the only one who has not yet knows the defeats in the championship. And Karim Benzem should congratulate the “golden ball” – the Frenchman deserved it.

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