Simple Disable Key 12.13 Crack with Keygen Key (Latest 2023)

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Simple Disable Key 12.13 Crack with Keygen Key (Latest 2023)

Simple Disable Key 12.13 Crack with Activation Key (2023)

Simple Disable Key Crack is software that enables or deactivates a particular keyboard key. Every key or key combination, including control keys like “Ctrl,” “Alt,” “Shift,” “Windows,” etc., can be disabled by the program. You can provide a key or a key combination and choose the disable option to have the application always operate as intended. All disabled keys will be added to the list by Easy Disable Key Crack, where you may modify the disabled mode and view all locked keys and their combinations. Also, you may customize the chosen key so that it is manually deactivated or enabled from the system tray once Windows begins.

An easy Serial Number is an unusual tool that allows you to remove the operation of any key on your computer keyboard, and even activate the permanent “number lock”, the “caps lock” or the “scroll lock”. You may wish to disable a certain keyboard key for a number of reasons, including the key is corrupted and is being held down; you want to limit PC users’ access to the task manager; or some apps lack specialized shortcut keys. Whatever your motivation, you may completely tailor which keys can be used and which cannot. These limitations could apply generally or only to certain computer applications.

Simple Disable Key Crack For [Windows/Mac]:

simple disable key full version crack makes it simple to program the features; all you need to do is choose the key you want to deactivate, the application you want to deactivate, and accept the settings. You may easily modify this option at any moment if you wish to re-enable the key. Basically,It enables you to disable particular keyboard features or keybindings. When the keyboard keys are not functioning properly or you are playing a game and repeatedly pressing the wrong keys, this software will provide remedies. You can turn it off and carry on with your work.

simple disable key registration key allows you to choose when to deactivate the “key” or key combination, and you may choose to set it up solely for certain apps, run it at startup or execute it as scheduled. You may also temporarily activate full key functionalities through the system tray icon. Basically, Users may be searching for software solutions that may offer such functionalities if they substantially rely on the keyboard at work or if they simply need to deactivate a particular key. The “easy deactivate key” is one such program that seeks to give users a straightforward way to turn off the “Ctrl,” “Alt,” “Shift,” or “Windows” keys.

Simple Disable Key Crack With Keygen Latest Version [Updated]:

The user-friendly interface of this program provides a clear overview of all the features that are offered. One will be able to designate a different key to deactivate them by choosing one of the access keys, such as “Ctrl,” “Alt,” “Shift,” or “Windows.” On its main interface, Easy Disable Key lists all the keys that may be deactivated simultaneously. Basically, Users have the option to add new keys or remove current keys using two clearly visible, big buttons. Moreover, all deactivated keys can be enabled simultaneously by using the specified instructions.

With Easy Disable Key Crack With Keygen, users may take advantage of this program and deactivate “Ctrl”, “Alt”, “Shift” or “Windows” by defining the chosen shortcut, which can increase workflow productivity. You may further customize the keyboard in addition to turning off the aforementioned keys. Because of this, the program gives them the option to disable the keys only when specific apps are accessed or in accordance with a schedule that is established by the user. “Just deactivating the key” could be a wise choice due to its simple operation and general use, especially for beginners.

It meets the demands of customers who want a reliable method to remove or reinstall the “Ctrl,” “Alt,” “Shift,” or “Windows” keys from the keyboard. However, It will provide them with a practical answer, enabling them to create unique shortcuts that can activate or deactivate the keys. Moreover, simple disable key full crack offers scheduling settings to help users work more effectively. So, individuals may pick which programs’ keys they want to deactivate.

Key Features:

  • Then just try disabling the key. With a Simple Disable Key switch, you can turn the keyboard off, and disable the Windows key, for example, the Shift key or another key.
  • You can also tell whether keyboard keys should always be disabled, or just for a particular application or schedule.
  • Additionally, You can also automatically set and lock Num Lock, Caps Lock, Lock, and the Entry status.
  • Disabling keyboard keys is useful if, for example, the keyboard key does not work correctly because it is broken or annoying.
  • However, Disabling the keyboard is also useful to prevent some movement on the computer at school or at work.
  • Does a particular key bother you even when you’re playing or working on a specific request?
  • This program can easily disable the keyboard keys for you.
  • The app is also multilingual and has been translated into 39 different languages.

Simple Disable Key 12.13 Crack with Keygen Key (Latest 2023)

What’s New?

  • Cleaner interface
  • A security measure that prevents the task manager from hitting the application
  • The keyboard hook issue is fixed.
  • Ensure key disabling even after the computer sleep or computer freezes.
  • Many other Bug fixes

Simple Disable Key License Key:


System Requirements:

  • At least 1.6 MB of free disk space.
  • 500 MB RAM is enough to operate it
  • Intel Processor


  1. How does Simple Disable Key work?

simple disable key full version with crack runs in the background of your computer and allows you to select which keys or key combinations you want to disable. Once you have chosen the keys to disable, the program will prevent those keys from functioning until you re-enable them.

2. Is Simple Disable Key compatible with all keyboards?

Simple Disable Key is compatible with most keyboards that use the standard keyboard layout. However, some custom keyboards or specialized keyboards may not be compatible.

3. Can Simple Disable Key be used to disable keys in specific applications only?

Yes, Simple Disable Key allows you to set specific applications in which the disabled keys will be active. This can be useful for applications that have hotkeys that conflict with your preferred key settings.

4. Can Simple Disable Key be used to disable keys temporarily?

Yes, Simple Disable Key allows you to disable keys temporarily by setting a time duration for the disabled keys. After the set time has elapsed, the keys will automatically be re-enabled.

5. Is Simple Disable Key a free software program?

Simple Disable Key offers a free trial period with limited functionality. To access the full range of features, a license must be purchased.

How To Install?

  1. Download Simple Disable Key Crack from the given link.
  2. Disconnect from the Internet.
  3. Unzip and install the program.
  4. It is not running, if it is running, close the program.
  5. Copy the broken Crack file to install it.
  6. The directory/folder where the application is installed.

The link is given below!

Simple Disable Key 12.13 Crack with Keygen Key (Latest 2023)

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